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And now for something completely different:


an article featuring Monty Python, ‘lovingly ripped off’ and applied to content marketing, particularly discussing the importance of how to engage your audience.

From their Flying Circus days to their quest for the Holy Grail, following the Life of Brian, to trying to determine the Meaning of Life, the comic geniuses of Monty Python have produced some of the funniest moments of all time. Their influence can be found far and wide, embedding itself in daily life.

With careers spanning over 40 years, and weeks of their sold-out farewell 1 Down 5 To Go Live shows last year (which I was very lucky to go see!), no one more than the Pythons know how important it is to understand and deliver for their audience.

By looking to some of their most famous sketches, scenes and quotes, ‘Pythonesque’ scenarios can be generated, considering the importance of understanding your audience for the development and implementation of a successful content marketing strategy:

What Is Your Quest?

To seek the Holy Grail! Of course, but what would that be? What are your aims for producing content? Is it to;

  • Raise brand awareness?
  • Create more social engagement?
  • Boost Search rankings?

Having clear goals for the content strategy will assist your overall marketing aims, such as understanding who the content is for to benefit the style and creation, and by unifying these goals with the aims of the content this will ensure it achieves its aims to maximise its return-on-investment.

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

By conducting market research you can generate some excellent first-hand insights to understand your audience, benefitting your subsequent content production. Understanding and targeting your audience is your chief weapon over your competitors. You have 2, no, 3 choices for generating excellent insights;

  1. Surveys
  2. Questionnaires
  3. Focus groups

I didn’t expect the Spanish Inquisition!

However, it’s important to have a plan of the most useful questions to ask before you conduct it, to generate the necessary information you need for the best insights for your strategy.

You’re All Individuals

Yes, we are all individuals, so you should treat your customers as such. Your audience doesn’t all fit into one category; it’s imperative to understand who they are, and they’re likes and dislikes, to identify potential opportunities. This can be achieved through customer profiling, to build a clearer picture of your audience.

Yes, we are all different!

Creating targeted content for this audience can open entirely new markets for your offerings, ensuring you are reaching customers “at the right time, in the right place and in the right way”.

I wanted to be… a Lumberjack!

People have many varying interests which motivate and entertain them. For example, they may be a barber, but they may actually be more interested in being a lumberjack; pressing wild flowers and having buttered scones for tea! Until you do the research, you just don’t know.

By understanding your audience, from building your character profiles, you can begin to understand what will make them engage with and be interested in your content and brand, your products and services. By appealing to their interests you can then create truly compelling content which they will read and share, improving positive brand reflections, company engagement and leading to sales.

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

As described in my previous post; our emotions largely determine whether we interact with content online and offline, and content which produces positive emotions in the viewer is much more likely to be shared than content which generates negative emotions.

So producing positive content which leaves a good impression on your audience is a sure way to engage and expand your audience. In terms of effective content, it really does help to look on the bright side of life.

Now That’s What I Call A Dead Parrot

Once you’ve understood your audience and engaged them it’s imperative that you deliver exactly what you’ve promised, ie. excellent and relevant content, increasing your effectiveness and efficiency.

No one wants to go through the hassle of engaging with the content only to end up with less than they bargained for. Not least will it frustrate them, you’re sure to find your brand ‘bereft’ of customers.

This is an ex-parrot!

Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam…

As Joel described in his previous article; “If you take control of someone’s device, spam them…and push messages that don’t show value…then you’re only going to have one type of reaction, a negative one”.

I Don’t Like Spam!

If you respect them they will respect you, which will assist in increasing response rates for ROI and sales. 

A Shrubbery! (Summary)

People don’t need to follow a brand, they don’t need to follow anybody, but if they like your company then they will, and they will keep coming back for more good quality and interesting content for them to interact with, such as the Monty Python sound-bites along with their iconic ‘foot’ phone box advertising.

By improving your customer’s experience, they will be of lasting value to your company through generating positive reactions and loyalty from your audience.

And if like Monty Python you can create happy customers by making them laugh and smile and dance and sing, then “keep the laughs coming!

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