It’s Good to Be Back – Enjoy x Keboola @ MarTech Summit 2022

Jack Kirk
By Jack KirkGraduate Data Engineer
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Despite an industry-wide pause in face-to-face events over the last couple of years (for obvious reasons), returning to in-person networking with other businesses and agencies came with great ease.

By championing our passion for all things data, we spoke with businesses from across the UK, imparting and gaining knowledge in equal share.

To kick off the day, Enjoy’s very own Senior Data Engineer Luigi Raw joined Dave Robinson, head of customer engagement development at Boots; Kate Bremner, director of digital and content marketing at Wood Mackenzie, and Jack Frimston, co-director of We Have a Meeting on stage for a talk and Q&A. The streamlining of our data process has been key to our ongoing operational strategy within the agency and it was a great opportunity to give insight into how we are achieving that.

“It was incredible to have the opportunity to provide some insight into how we are using Keboola to automate our routine data operations, especially by showcasing a real-life scenario.”
Luigi Raw

There were a few common themes creating a splash at this year’s event, both during the talks and in the expo hall amongst the exhibitors and guests. Here’s a quick rundown:

Regulatory crackdown on the use of third-party cookies was a hot topic at this year’s event. Head of digital marketing technology at Thoughtworks, Natalie Drucker, provided some pearls of wisdom during her talk - for building customer trust to maintain a high proportion of trackable sessions on a site. It’s clear that the need for first-party data is one of the largest single industry shifts since the inception of the tracking cookie, and that balancing customer experience and compliance with retaining a similar level of user insight is going to be subject to a lot of experimentation in the next couple of years.

Some form of personalisation is now expected by 71% of consumers according to McKinsey research, and this was a central theme that cropped up in every session of the day. One key takeaway from a talk held by Jude Duncan, email marketing director at Schuh, was the need to avoid paying lip-service to personalisation. In the case of email marketing, this means understanding the recipient by tailoring emails to how, and the frequency with which they engaged with previous communications. For instance, clearing mailing lists of unengaged users helps to avoid the pitfalls of vanity metrics. Whereas a small proportion of users can be turned off by personalisation, it is clear for the vast majority it is welcome and here to stay.

A more holistic view of the environmental impact of marketing communications is likely to be a consideration going forward, something which we are already reviewing at Enjoy Digital. The third speaker of the day, Daniel Batey (from Edinburgh based agency Union Data), presented some eye-opening stats into the environmental impact of varying forms of marketing communications. Interestingly, direct email had a larger carbon footprint than physical print mail, due to the electricity usage associated with email servers.

Networking with other agencies and companies at an event like MarTech Summit is a vital part of pushing the use of data in marketing forward, and we’re looking forward to sharing our insights at more events in the future.

It’s good to be back. Thanks to Digit and Keboola for inviting us and to all the speakers for sharing their own expertise!

More information about the event, including on-demand access to recordings can be found at

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