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By Enjoy Digital
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Those looking for love using the dating app, Tinder, can now improve their chances of finding "the one" thanks to a revolutionary new optimisation service which has launched today.

Tindermisation™ has been developed by digital marketing consultancy, Enjoy Digital, and is the first service of its kind, offering users comprehensive management of their profile as well as data-driven solutions to the problems they face when using the app; ultimately increasing their chance of finding love.

The origins of the service are certainly unconventional but transpired following a request from an established Enjoy Digital client who sought the company's support with his personal Tinder profile. He asked if it was possible to increase his "match rate" through optimisation using a similar approach to the one used for his business' website.

Following months of experimentation and success – said client is now set to tie-the-knot – it became clear that there was a major gap in the market and Tindermisation™ has today become the latest digital service from Enjoy Digital, available to individuals across the UK.

Responding to some of the most common problems highlighted from a comprehensive study* of Tinder users, the Tindermisation™ service aims to make you look popular, but more attractive than your friends; sound suitably intellectual or moronic, depending on your partner preferences; ensure that you secure the highest volume of matches possible; and that those inevitable first dates go exactly as planned.

The service begins with a rigorous personality audit conducted by a qualified TinderScribe™ who can pinpoint each user's most captivating traits and selling points as a partner. This is shortly followed by a bio optimisation consultation to help users make the most of their profile.

Enjoy Digital's innovative PicturePimper™ and FriendFaker™ tools synchronise with one another to help users strike the perfect balance between group and individual appeal, while the Custom ChatPak™ First Date Kit is the service's "piéce de résistance"; assisting users at the final hurdle to help transform "it's a match!" into something more.

For the entire length of a Tindermisation™ contract, users will regularly be provided with in depth profile and match analysis as well as A/B testing of potential opening lines to lower the risk of rejection. There is even a 24/7 hotline available for those moments of extra support.

Enjoy Digital Operations Director, Andy Hey said: "According to our research, 60% of Tinder users* feel that the app isn't working hard enough for them, and with more than 50 million users we saw an opportunity. Of course, people want to put their best self forward on the app and make a good first impression, and we're doing all that we can to help out with Tindermisation™."


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