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Social media is filled today with celebration of ‘Back to the Future Day’, which for those of you who have been living under a rock, celebrates the fact that back in 1985 Marty McFly and Doc Brown travelled through time to October 21st 2015.

We might not have flying cars or sound effect-programmable vests or self-tying shoe laces but the film didn’t get it all wrong. Some of the predictions are loosely related to their modern day amenities. For example, in the film we are seen to be paying for products using thumbprint recognition, which isn’t too dissimilar from the growing trend of using Apple Pay via your iPhone to purchase goods instore.

Equally, Marty gets fired by his boss on a ‘video call’ which looks very similar to today’s Facetime and Skype; and Doc’s visor with augmented reality isn’t too distant from Google Glass. 3D films are also alluded to with Jaws 19 showing at the local Holomax Theatre.

Therefore, we figured here at Enjoy that each of us could probably make a few of our own predictions for what we think will exist or where civilisation will be in the next 30 years. Some of them might seem strange or far-fetched but then again, we probably thought the same thing about ‘the internet’ back in 1985. So sit down and strap yourself in, our speedometer is set to 88mph, let’s see what 2045 has to offer…

Andy – Ops Director

Nike Mag trainers will be real at last (apparently they already are), Hoverboards still won’t hover, Kanye West will still not be cool and ED will still be having fun and working with some fantastic clients!

Charlotte – Business Manager

I think there will be no more wired connectivity and all devices will be connected via wifi. Text message and phone calls will disappear and all calls that are made will be done via FaceTime or internet based messaging.

Giada – PPC Executive

When I think of the future I see smart technology in most homes (control most appliances with the blink of an eye!), “Fly to Mars This summer!” ads, virtual reality cinema screenings and robo cops obviously!

Hannah – Account Manager

Holidaying in space, everything run by robots, paying for items via a chip in your arm (no cards or cash), no organ donor list all organs reproduced through our own stem cells.

Jamie – Frontend Developer

Kanye West will become the greatest president of the United States following a successful 2020 election. Jay Z will follow lead and become Secretary of State.

Video Games will become more software based then hardware based. Streaming from the internet will destroy consoles.

Contacts with the ability of the Google Glass built in will become available.

Jason – Designer

Death of international economies – technology will advance to the point that all payment will be done through wearable/implanted technology, negating the purpose of physical tender. And, with the hopeful focus of inter-stellar exploration and establishment of inter-planetary colonies, we may develop a single unified economy, Earth Credits, or perhaps something snappy – Sollars anyone?

Jordan – Account Director

It doesn’t matter, we’ll all be dead due to widespread famine and disease

Kathryn – Content Executive

Wearable tech will become so advanced, we may no longer need our phones. Digital contact lenses are currently in development, but one day they may be essential everyday tech wear.

Imagine using your eye movements and brain signals so you can take and share a picture with a blink, or even gaming by moving your eyes in a virtual reality only you can see. Or how about recording fun stunts or events with your lenses so viewers can get a direct ‘through your eyes’ perspective of your experience.

People may one day be queuing out the door for ‘iLenses’!

Laura – Digital Strategist

In the future we’ll all own robots to do our cooking and cleaning, self-driving cars and hopefully 3D printers that we can create anything we want!

Lee – Business Development

The future will have amazing inventions which will stop hair getting clogged up in your shower plug and beds make themselves.

Matt – Backend Developer


Olivia – Account Executive

Music in 2045 will be awful and we will all be muttering; “Kids these days and their music; they don’t appreciate or understand the greats like Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber or 1Direction”.

School children will come home moaning that they have to read Harry Potter for their GCSEs and will protest that the special effects in the films are terrible – because although it’s 30 years in the future they will still watch the film and not read the books like they’re supposed to.

We won’t have conventional beds but recharging pods that boost our immune system and provide all the other benefits of an 8 hour sleep in just 30 minutes!!

Rachel – Backend Developer

Humanity will hopefully have set foot on Mars, maybe even establish a base there. We could finally have hoverboards…

Sam – Senior Frontend Developer

By 2045 there’ll have already been a successful manned mission to Mars; and NASA will be planning to colonise within the following 10 years. This will be sponsored by Mars, Incorporated.

Sean – Creative Director

As long as we’ve not wiped ourselves out before then…

Bathroom taps will combine toothpaste with water, reducing tooth decay and providing a generation with Hollywood smiles.

Teletext will make a comeback. Engineered grass that will grow and stay at owner determined height.

Phones will be replaced by surgically implanted earpieces; screen options supplied separately.

I will get mobile phone reception in my kitchen!

Simon H – Frontend Developer

In 2045:

  1. Everybody will have implants that connect them to the internet
  2. The war on terror will still be just beginning
  3. People will still play Super Nintendo
  4. Jamie will still be eating at Yum Yums
  5. I’ll still be paying off my student overdraft!

Steve – SEO Manager

I think that the “self-drive” feature will be fully functional eliminating the carnage caused by accidents, the world will become a much smaller place as commuting world wide will becomes available, either by air or more likely by high-speed trains under the sea allowing trips t the states, china and Australia in much quicker times.

I also think that we will have broken the boundaries of our own solar system and will be exploring much further afield with the advent of faster than light travel.

Tara – Account Manager

I think the Apple watch would be so old fashioned – we’d have mobile devices installed into us so we could take photo’s with our eyes, turn on music to listen in our heads and answer calls with our ears. We’d probably be able to get from London to New York in under an hour and you could create your own body without going to the gym!

Tom – Account Executive

Communication through thoughts and mind. Technology will exist that filters private thoughts and turns them into physical communication.

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