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We’d like to reach out, as our friends across the pond would say, to Google as we think we have spotted an opportunity for them.

During a recent ‘beer conversation’ with Paul, one of our good friends at Searchmetrics, we Googled the phrase ‘search engine’ – fully expecting Google to be no1 in their own SERPs. To our surprise we found Dogpile to be No1 – yes, I said Dogpile – you remember? They are indeed still out there – and doing pretty well apparently by using a mix of results from various engines including Google.

Ok, so we were initially shocked by this but our shock turned to full out laughter when we then ran down the rest of Page 1 results only to find that the only listing Google had was at the bottom of the page and was a ‘paid’ ad! We continued the search to Page 2 and there at a measly No18 was – our amusement was complete!

Now we’ve tried various searches today logged in/logged out etc, etc and we’re still somewhat baffled as to why Google, the biggest and most used search engine in the world doesn’t rank No1 for ‘search engine’?

So Larry and Co we’re ‘reaching out’ to you to ask the simple question – would you like some help with your SEO? We’re here to talk!!

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