Google AdWords Update – Upgraded URLs Rolled Out

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By Enjoy Digital
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As of July 1st Google retired the destination URL field, and replaced it with two new fields; ‘Final landing page URL’ and ‘tracking template’, which contains all of your tracking information and any cross-domain redirects.

The reason for this upgrade is to provide an easier and cleaner way to organise URL tracking. As listed on the AdWords Blog, upgraded URLs offer the following benefits:

  • Reduced crawl and load times on your website.
  • Less time spent managing URL tracking updates if you choose to use a shared tracking template. This option allows you to manage all your tracking updates in one place (at either account, campaign or ad group level) and allows you to make changes to the template without your adverts being submitted for review every time.
  • Access to additional tracking information through the use of new ‘ValueTrack’ parameters which can be used to append AdWords IDs.

For more information on ‘ValueTrack’ parameters and on how to implement, check out the Google AdWords support page.

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