Google Adwords Countdown Adverts Test

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Another Adwords Countdown advert success story!

Countdown adverts in Google Adwords allow for the dynamic insertion of text counting down to a specific time or event. The examples below shows what a countdown advert would look like counting down to the end of a sale.

Google Adwords Countdown Adverts Test

These can be generated in Adwords through the use of an ad customiser containing the COUNTDOWN function. For more information on the implementation of countdown ads, see here.

We recently tested the impact countdown ads have on click through and conversion rates for a client whose industry is full of sales, though countdown ads are not often utilised amongst competitors.

We chose our highest volume and best performing campaign to measure how far we could stretch the profitability. We then set the countdown for a week, with the “last day” of the sale set to be what is generally the client’s best performing day.

We expected to see positive results towards the end of the week (last 2-3 days of the sale) but in actual fact we saw the cost-per-acquisition (CPA) drop immediately as conversions rose and continued to rise steadily throughout the week.

Compared to the average week’s performance, we saw a:

  • 10% increase in CTR
  • 37% increase in conversion rate
  • 68% increase in revenue
  • 31% reduction in CPA

Of course, when it comes to e-commerce, it’s hard to run perfectly reliable tests.

There are always bound to be some external factors beyond our control that will influence results such as competitor activity, the weather, etc. However, these results did reach statistical significance. The week that our countdown adverts were live remains our most profitable week for that campaign YTD. Needless to say we’ll be looking at other ways we can use these.

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