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Accelerated mobile pages are a new feature launched by Google this year. 

A few months ago we talked about the release of Accelerated mobile pages or AMP for short. AMP were introduced by Google to make a users mobile experience more engaging, smoother and ultimately, faster. AMP was primarily introduced to have heavily increased page loading times, they are designed with reduced imagery in mind and pages should load roughly four times faster.

AMP were only initially available in the top stories section when they were launched by Google. After the latest update they are now being rolled out into the main organic mobile search results over the next couple of months and is due to be completed by the end of the year. Currently AMP pages can be crawled but they may not show in the SERP’s until the update has been fully implemented by Google.

Despite AMP being a relatively new feature which Google have highlighted as a key focus this year, they also confirmed that they will not have an effect on ranking positions. Here at Enjoy Digital we believe that this may change at a later date once the rollout is complete. Google focus on the user experience, as this is a tool which enables a faster, smoother journey. We feel that Google will prefer websites which are optimised towards this faster user experience and are following their preferred mobile page version. This is likely to eventually become a strong ranking indicator.

Google confirmed when the update is fully rolled out, users will see their standard version of their mobile page swapped out for the AMP version.

If you are yet to look into AMP, here is a great guide to get started. 

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