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Before you start questioning the story behind this post, I will put your minds at ease; Enjoy Digital took part in Simon On The Streets’ 5th annual Sleep Out, which was called #SleepwithSimon.

Enjoy Digital Sleep With Simon

Simon On The Streets is an independent charity that helps and supports those who have a rough life, one we could never imagine. A life which has been taken over by one or many of the following; drugs, alcohol or social, mental and behavioural issues, in some cases stemming from childhood difficulties.

Enjoy Digital Sleep With Simon

The team at SOTS (Simon On The Streets) are non-government funded, and 100% of the funds they raise goes directly back into providing time, resources, food, treatments, shelters and clothes for the people who find themselves alone in a very rough world. The volunteers at SOTS are there to help turn these lives around, and without fundraising events they simply wouldn’t be able to provide the great level of care and service that they do.

The purpose of the annual Sleep Out is not to replicate sleeping on the streets, one night could not replicate the years of suffering some homeless people go through. Instead, this event is to raise awareness for the charity and money for the services they provide.

We made our way to the Royal Armouries in Leeds, where the Sleep Out took place, ready for the long cold night ahead of us. We had cardboard boxes, sleeping bags, a lot of layers and some snacks to get us through. We found a spot right in the centre of the sleepers where we set up camp. (By camp I mean we put down our cardboard and hoped it wouldn’t rain!)

Enjoy Digital Sleep With Simon

The night started with a presentation by Helen Beachell, the General Manager of SOTS, who gave us a deeper insight into the lives of the people SOTS charity help. The presentation featured Jamie Ross and Pixie, who were both rough sleepers until SOTS helped turn their lives around, and now they are volunteers for the charity.

After the presentation pizza was provided by The Box Pizza, and the sleepers around the camp played guitar. Singing commenced and a fun and exciting environment was created. Between 12:30am and 2:00am people slowly started going to sleep. It was cold and the rain came down around 4:45am for 30 minutes, but we all powered on through, to be woken by the 6am wake-up siren for the end of the event. Sausage sandwiches were provided for us, before we all went on our way after recycling our cardboard and clearing away any mess.

I can say it wasn’t the best night’s sleep we have had, but it surely was worth it to learn more about such a great cause, and help raise much-needed awareness of the excellent work Simon On The Streets provides.

Enjoy Digital Sleep With Simon


Simon On The Streets have raised £20,600 as of 30/09/14, this is incredible – keep up the support!

If you haven’t already, please consider donating to help support Simon On The Streets via Enjoy Digital’s Just Giving Page.

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