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We left EDnog fermenting in a cupboard in our kitchen since last Christmas -and it has mutated! It still looks OK though, so we thought we would serve it up again!

As a result of the transmutation, players can now choose their favourite crunk cup from a range of characters to see if they can dip it low – not too low though – and bring it up full!

Play our game and share the gift of EDnog with friends and family this Christmas. Don’t forget to share the #EDnog hastag on Facebook or Twitter to be in with a chance of winning an iPad Mini AND your very own blinged up crunk cup!

DISCLAIMER: EDnog is highly addictive – we cannot be held responsible for any missed meetings, anger induced tantrums or complaints from loved ones for your lack of attention over the festive period.

So, why not spend your Christmas with the crunks?

The Original

EDnog 2015

Dunking the crunk before it was cool – this chalice may look simple, or even a little bit boring, but who can argue with the first, the crunk where it all began. After all, you wouldn’t choose to watch Home Alone 3 over the original Home Alone!


EDnog 2015

 It’s everyone’s favourite Christmas elf – our very own cup-headed ninny muggins! He has close ties to Santa so maybe he could put in a good word for you. You might have more luck if you were dipping into maple syrup but nevertheless who can refuse pure Christmas spirit.

Turbo Man

EDnog 2015

Who better to have on your side than your very own Turbo Man. Trust us he won’t be sold out by the time you play EDnog and who knows, with his turbo dipping skills you may even Jingle All the Way to the prize.

Die Hard

EDnog 2015

If you’ve already had enough of the Christmas sparkles and carol sing-alongs and want some real action – then look no further! Why not save the day whilst also showing just how bad ass you are with your dunking skills…Yippe Cup-Yay Mother Dunker!!

Swag Cup

EDnog 2015

Ho Ho Ho! Don’t hate the playa, hate the game! Celebrate Christmas by choosing our very own pimped up Santa swag cup. With all the stress of Christmas he’s got 99 problems but the dip ain’t one.


So what are you waiting for, there’s fun* to be had and prizes to be won!

*Fun-levels may vary, frustration levels may increase after 10 seconds of play, if your anger levels are raised in any way whilst playing this game please consult your nearest EDnog support centre.

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