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My name is Liam Loughney and I am a 23 year old University Graduate.

Like many graduates in my position I was finding it hard to break into the marketing industry. Looking at my situation realistically I decided that gaining some work experience would benefit me greatly. I heard about Enjoy Digital and the quality of work that they do and decided to get in touch to inquire about any work experience they could offer. I was delighted when Kristal Ireland – Strategy Director – threw me a lifeline and invited me into the fantastic Enjoy Digital agency/headquarters in Leeds City Centre.

On the first day of work experience I was expectedly feeling excitement mixed with slight nerves, however my trepidation was dispelled as soon as I received a very warm welcome from Kristal and the lovely ED team. I enjoyed my placement at Enjoy Digital working with the ED team who are highly knowledgeable, hard-working and excellent at what they do. They also all seem to have one thing in common– loads of personality. Whether they’re incredibly driven, creative, and funny or team players, they all have great personalities!

At ED I got the opportunity to work with different members of the team (shout out to Nick, Sam and Claire!) to get a better understanding of what it is they do. On my first day Kristal got me to work on a live brief that ED have been working on researching and suggesting ways of working through the brief. The work was interesting, creative, exciting and it was great to work on something that was ‘real’.  I was also allowed to sit in on a proposal briefing session where I was able to participate in the discussion of the proposal.

The next day spent in the agency consisted of a chat with Nick the account manager who walked me through his role in the office and how he acts as a bridge between his colleagues and clients helping to deliver exactly what the client’s needs , and then some!  I also had the opportunity to spend a couple of hours with Claire who got me to work on another live brief, this time with a website design and strategic social media campaign.

The next day Sam, their highly experienced search marketer, sat down with me and discussed with me his role in SEO and PPC’s and how target market identification, key word optimisation and on site conversion rate optimisation is practiced in the real world. As well as showing me how to set up a PPC campaign using the tools available he set me to work on a Paid Search Brief which gave me very hands on approach to what they do.

I have learnt so much in my short time at Enjoy Digital, and needless to say I ‘enjoyed’ every second of it. I feel all the time more and more confident and have made progress on decisions about my career as well as gaining invaluable experience. I would like to thank the entire Enjoy Digital Agency for giving me the opportunity to get an inside view of what it is that you do, and allowing me to not only watch, but participate. It’s a week invaluable to my future plans, and so again, thank you very much team ED!

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