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Leeds Digital Festival is a week long celebration of the latest digital trends and technologies combined with some of the hottest musical talents.

It spans across multiple venues, with key speakers talking about their specialist industries and creates discussion amongst the digital community. Here at Enjoy, we love anything digital and thought we would give you the low down on some of the events we attended.

Code in The Dark

What was it?

A competition for front-end developers to show off their skills. The competition was made up of six 15 minute rounds. Each round saw six developers racing to replicate a webpage design as accurately as possible without any previews/

Where was it?

Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen

The Good Stuff

  • Good atmosphere and enthusiasm – the first few heats were particularly exciting and super tense!
  • Great use of lasers
  • Music was spot on
  • Front-end developers have a great sense of humor – who knew?
  • Use of Mentimeter to collect votes from the public

Sega vs Nintendo Classic Games Day

What was it?

A bar packed with classic games consoles such as the Nintendo 64, SNES and Sega MegaDrive. The theme was that 1990s playground battle – “Sega vs Nintendo” – and which was better.

Where was it?

Dock 29 at Leeds Dock.

Any comments on the event?

  • We liked that it wasn’t just limited to just retro and classic games consoles. There were relatively modern ones too such as the Nintendo Wii and the Sega Dreamcast.
  • Dock 29 was a good venue choice as it is slightly further out of the city and away from some of the busier events, so queues were mercifully short.
  • Never challenge Simon Howden to a fight on Street Fighter 2 – he takes no prisoners.

Is UX Research Too Slow For Agile ?

What was it?

A panel discussion chaired by Dr Lucy Buykx with panelists from Sky Betting & Gaming, BGL Group, NHS England and WalmartLabs

Where was it?

Northern Monk Brewery Co

Any comments on the event?

  • I liked the fact that you got a good insight into how 4 very different businesses approached their user testing, you came away with a good understanding of not only why user testing is so important, but why it is important it happens as early as possible in any project and why is should be a continuous process.
  • In addition to this I found the idea of involving as many people as possible in the user research really insightful, it was deemed important that as many people as possible saw the testing through their own eyes, there were stories of companies having videos shown in canteen and kitchen areas so all staff could understand how users interact with the product.
  • Good Bacon Sarnies!

Lumen Experience

What was it?

The Lumen Prize is an exhibition of 7 award winning pieces of interactive and im mersive  digital art on display at the Lumen Gallery in Leeds Dock.  

Where was it?

The main Lumen exhibition was situated within the Lumen Gallery at Leeds Dock, while Bring Your Own Beamer was located in Block E next door.

The good stuff

  • Passages -  https://vimeo.com/69879128.  It’s a piece that scans anything that stands near it and translates that as a sound imprint onto a projection. So you could jump at the right time and it would product a 3D model of you in mid air which would then fall to pieces.
  • Porteé  -  https://vimeo.com/118226187.  Each of the glowing wires was touch sensitive and hooked up to a grand piano. When plucked the piano played a pre-recorded piece of music, keys moving and everything. The organisers described it as “luminous wires stretching down from towering concrete pillars, mysteriously linked to a solitary grand piano can be played like a giant harp creating an immersive layered soundscape as audience members interact with the piece.”

Any other comments on the event

Overall it was a really interesting experience and great to be able to actually interact with the “art” on show letting you have an effect on how it looks.

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