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Since the formation of Enjoy Digital we have always take a lean and structured approach to the delivery of our projects. From May 2017 we are proud to announce that our integrated approach and our agile development process will be supported by Enjoy Digital being awarded not one, but two certifications. 

  1. ISO27001 - Information Security Certification
  2. Cyber Essentials

Holding these accreditations puts us up there with only a handful of digital agencies throughout the UK that are certified to these standards.

Our commitment to these standards and our long-term approach to information security, demonstrates that as an agency, we are guaranteeing our systems, processes and procedures are robust and secure.

What this mean for us

All businesses carry some form of risk. This can be in the form of cyber attacks on systems to malicious attacks from within your organisation. What’s important is that you recognise these risks and put measures in place to eliminate or reduce them.

At the start of our journey towards the ISO standard, we formed an ISO implementation team. This consisted of Board Members and members of the Senior Management Team. From the start we wanted to bring together the correct people that could identify all risks that we may have as a business. No matter how large or small.

Our next step was to asses each of the risks that had been identified, and look at what measures we could introduce to eliminate or reduce the risk. All of these measures form part of our Information Security Management system, a system that meets the level of ISO 27001 compliance. This will run along side the ISO27001 controls, as outlined in the Statement of Applicability.

To ensure that our information security standards are up to date and in line with ISO, we are required to carry out internal and external audits throughout the year. All evidence of which will be collated and presented to our external auditor on an annual basis, where re-certification will be provided.

What this means for our clients

Data is Safeguarded

Information is the lifeblood to any business. We understand the importance that our clients intrust in us when they share their sensitive data. Our management system, which is now certified to an internationally recognised standard, ensures that the risk of a data breach is dramatically reduced.

Information Security is Taken Seriously

We know our clients are concerned about the security of their data. By complying to ISO 27001 we are following an internationally recognised best practice to mitigate threats.

We Have Company Wide Awareness

All of our staff are aware of the ISO 27001 standard and are encouraged to be on the lookout for any potential threats there may be to our or client information. Our holistic approach covers the whole organisation, not just IT. It encompasses people, process and technology. This ensures all members of staff understand the possibility of risk and they embrace the controls as part of their everyday working practices.

There is a Structure Way of Working

As we grow to meet the needs of our clients, we have systems in place that allow us to quickly identify who is responsible for which information asset. By using the standard, we can become more productive and responsive by clearly setting out information risk responsibilities.

If you would like to know more about our ISO journey and how this will improve our ways of working please get in contact.

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