Digital Trends: The World in 2015 and onwards

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Earlier this month I was invited to attend the Christmas Retail Conference of one of our newest clients to help immerse our team in their business.

It was a fantastic opportunity to get under the skin of the business, however one of my key takeaways was a powerful statement made by the Retail Trading Director.

The world will never be moving as slow as it is now

As well as being a great speaker and story teller, inspiring and motivational, he had a great point. Not only will the world never be moving as slow as it is now, the world will never be less connected than it is now. From this point in time, the world is only going to get faster and faster, more and more connected, all driven by advanced new technologies and the speed that they are brought to market. When reading a post by Sir Martin Sorrell that was looking forward to the world in 2064 he talked about Digital Immortality and the process of uploading our brains into the cloud being possible by 2045. Amazing, or Scary? You decide, it really makes you think about the technology that is available to us now, how quickly it’s developing and what that means to our day to day life.

From a marketer’s perspective, this shift is fantastic, with the ultimate example of a connected and super-fast world – The internet of things, being set to add $10-$15 trillion to the global GDP by 2020 according to GE, or if you’d like a more reserved and independent view, $300Billion according to Gartner. So in a hyper-connected world that’s getting faster by the day, we thought there’s no better time than now to start looking toward what 2015 might hold might hold for digital and marketers alike.

Digital Trends: The World in 2015 and onwards

Further development of 2014 trends with better application, including Big Data, Wearable tech & Augmented Reality and ongoing convergence of Search, Content & Social to deliver a more refined customer experience

Carley Centen – Senior Account Manager

2015 is all about further adoption and application of the big trends from 2014. I can see Big Data going from overhyped promise to greater focus/adoption. More sophisticated data capture across devices and use of data to better target customers and refine ROI on digital. An example to watch is Facebook Atlas, which if I’m reading it right, could provide better measurement of an individual’s activity across devices and could shake up Google Ads dominance, as could Amazon Sponsored Links. I think agencies will play a key role in cutting the noise for brands, helping with strategy and helping determine where/how to focus for the best return.

There will be an increasing focus in digital marketing on delivering experiences rather than just engagement and part of this will see new touch-points including an increased focus on wearables and augmented reality that will hopefully being to see a little more traction, but will still have limited application in 2015. From a digital marketing perspective, I can see a strong focus on customer experience and this will be delivered through increased understanding through data and the continued integration of SEO, content and social strategies, tearing down what remains of silos.

Digital Trends: The World in 2015 and onwards

Strategic usage of Digital & an appetite for Innovation driven by Data & and understanding of Consumer needs

Jonathan Filewood – Managing Director

I’m hoping 2015 is the year for marketers to use digital strategically and innovate based on data and consumer need. It’s still frustrating to see so many companies ‘doing digital’ for the sake of it because of trend or hype! Apps for apps sake and social campaigns with no engagement or benefit to the consumer, and not being tracked or tying in the results and data from these to give a joined up view. Gone are the days of isolated campaigns and activity with marketing and communications being carried out in silos. There should be one overarching strategy and one customer view with multiple interactions, channels and journeys. The technology, software and platforms are there to do this and have been for some time, it’s the experience, thought and planning at the outset that makes this happen, and then the results will speak for themselves.

Digital Trends: The World in 2015 and onwards

The year of the Tag Manager, Enhanced Marketing Integration through Collaboration & Joined up Marketing

Chris Jackson – Director

Companies will continue to embrace data they collect and tie this up into one central system. 2015 for digital marketing agencies will be ‘the year of the tag manager’ with agencies realising that if they are not offering clients this as a core service, they are not offering true value. The challenge of getting all your marketingefforts pointing in the same direction will continue to be a struggle for most, with the best agencies working in collaboration with not only their clients but also their clients other agencies in order to deliver the strongest possible results for the client and their customers. To deliver that joined up thinking, agencies and analysts will further strive to pull together customer journeys across multiple devices (the Holy Grail) – getting devices talking to each other will also be key as the Internet of Things begins to emerge.

Digital Trends: The World in 2015 and onwards

Mobile, Contactless Watch Transactions and the optimisation of everything, all delivered by Future Marketers

Joel Spence – Head of Business Development

Continuing on from Carley’s point about the ongoing adoption of trends from 2014, Mobile is going to grow and grow, with a ongoing increase in customer demand for better mobile experience design and more advanced functionality accessible on the move. I also think that 2015 is going to be a very exciting year for mobile payments with the launch of Apple Pay and the ability to pay with contactless transactions via your watch! As someone that hates carrying a wallet around, this is something I’m very excited about. Harking back to my earlier points about the gathering pace and increased connectivity of the world, I can see a new trend emerging called “the optimisation of everything” which will see the masses of data we gather revolutionise our world. With Data Scientists being brought into positions in commercial businesses to test and improve process, we will see ongoing optimisation in areas we never thought possible with significant commercial results. And finally, I believe that all of the above will be delivered by Marketers of the Future With the vast opportunity that sits around us comes the challenge of using the tools what we have in our day to day role to drive innovation and deliver results in our own environments. In my opinion the best marketers in 2015 and onwards will have a balance of Agility, Learning, Courage and Structure.

  • The Agility to respond to the speed of a connected world and the management of many projects,
  • The Courage to experiment, try new technologies, use data, test and improve,
  • The ability to Learn quickly, utilising both agency and technology partners to upskill and support them in making the most of new strategies, mediums and tech, and finally;
  • The Structure to manage an agile workload in a dynamic environment, because if you’re going to build a space age super-tower, you’ll need solid foundations and fantastic project management.
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