Digital Trends & Predictions from the SODA

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This time last year we took you through our thoughts on the Society of Digital Agencies’ bi-annual report, which reviewed digital marketing trends and future predictions for 2014

Their report has achieved over 450,000 views and downloads worldwide, and with its latest update just released, we bring you our thoughts and insights from some of the most influential minds in our industry.

Digital Trends & Predictions from the SODA

In this latest issue, 2H 2014, SODA’s elite members, partners and industry leaders provide their thoughts on the latest digital trends, including; a view on “The Connected Age”, the rise of “Microvideo” and the challenges of “Modern Marketers”.

The Connected Age: Connecting With The Industry’s Best

In this piece, some of the leading strategic minds in digital discuss a number of subjects, including the definition of “The Connected Age” and what it actually means, the most important elements to a brand’s success, the context of Digital today and trends which are currently affecting their clients. In my post earlier this month, Digital Trends: The World In 2015 And Onwards I discussed the concept of an ever connected world, and I strongly agree that, whilst leading to a huge array of brand control challenges, the opportunity to create deeper customer relationships is huge. Joe Olsen, CRO & Founder of Phenomblue, states; “The economics of the connected world are crippling many brands and businesses. They’re struggling to keep up, while implementing as much technology as possible at every turn, trying to find that silver bullet for success”. This point is so true, and with such rapid change going on in the marketplace it’s important to have a network of agencies on board with their mind firmly on the pulse of digital change, to advise you as to how to best apply solutions and strategies within your business to ensure that you capitalise on increased connectivity.

(For more, see page 7 of the report)

Microvideo Changes Everything We Know About Brand Story Telling

The rise of Instagram, Vine and Snapchat has seen online video advertising come under new pressures to deliver great, impactful and enticing content in a greatly restricted space of around 15 seconds to an easily-distracted audience. With brands utilising “clickbait” style subject lines, to drive views and start telling the story, sharability is a huge factor and the content must be powerful, interesting, exclusive or entertaining in order to gain maximum brand awareness. Great examples include GE’s 6 second science fair and Dunkin Donuts Vine’s during this year’s Superbowl XLVIII.

(For more, see page 8 of the report)

The Modern Marketer

A great section, talking about the interconnected nature of all the touch points the Modern Marketer should consider, and how we must constantly master individual channels, and reminding us how each and every interaction matters. Rob states; “All the products, communications and content we create, and the tactics and techniques we deploy on their behalf, answer to a common end goal. What’s most critical is to understand the relationships between each of those interactions and the dynamics that drive them.” Rob is joined by contributors exploring a variety of relationships which wield a major impact on the success of modern marketing initiatives, including;

  • Darren Woolley, Founder and Global CEO of TrinityP3, exploring the nature of Client/Agency relationships.
  • Ross Crooks, Co-Founder of Column Five, who takes time to break down the relationship between the whole and its parts in his piece on Divisible Content – a must read for the burgeoning number of brands currently ramping up their content marketing efforts.
  • Anthony Franco, Founder of EffectiveUI, examines the relationship between the art of selling and the art of serving and, interestingly, shows us that these seemingly complimentary pillars may actually be at odds with one another.
  • Andrew Delmarter from HUGE, explores the relationship between the content we create and the sprawling context in which that content must appear to be effective across the modern marketing landscape.

(For more, see from page 10 of the report)

Check it out for yourself!

I strongly recommend giving this report a thorough read and you can find the The SODA 2014H2 Digital Trend Predictions presentation here and it is available for free download

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