Crazy in Love: Introducing Tindermisation

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Over the years we’ve relished the challenge of assisting clients to increase the visibility of their websites and achieve higher Google rankings.

So we were so excited (and a little confused, we’ll admit) when a client approached us asking us to work our SEO magic on his Tinder profile. Thus the Profile Optimisation Service (or affectionately, Tindermisation™) was born.

Our tried and tested Tindermisation™ methods guarantee* an increase in matches of up to 100% with a potential 100% converting for a date.

Here are a few things that our Tinder scientists discovered in the lab that can help bring you a higher love.

And then I go and spoil it all…

By saying something stupid like don’t use the Tinder Boost button. Not because it renders our service pointless, oh no, but because it’s a lot like clickbait. People are momentarily interested in what you have to offer but once they look a little closer, they realise that actually they can guess what happened to a 24-year-old from Leeds and that no, you’re not the fit one in your group photo.

Instead there are loads of things you can do to give your profile a fighting chance in a world of left swipers.

Talk Data to Me

Just like Facebook, Google, and Cupid, Tinder’s algorithms can be understood and harnessed to work in your favour.

For instance our data analysis has revealed that your profile can be shown to potential matches more than once. Research has revealed that it turns out you CAN hurry love and the faster you swipe, the more times your profile will be viewed. As a result, you should change your profile picture regularly (maybe don some fake glasses and a moustache) and throw in some thumb exercises for good measure.

Take a Look at The Man in The Mirror

Our Tindermisation service will improve the way you look, the way you speak, and your personality in general. Our expert team of Love Drs (PHD) will take your drab profile and make it lit, attracting matches like moths to a sexy flame.

Here are just a few things you can expect from our dedication to your love life:

  • Our PicturePimper® service will capture your most attractive side (assuming you have one) and enhance it so you appear to be the best you can be.
  • We have an array of TinderScribes™ ready to follow you around, get to know you and craft the perfect bio so you’ll be more interesting than the Most Interesting Man in the World.
  • Once you have a match, you can reference our glossary of opening lines to find the best one based on the personality of your match. We’ve got your back
  • If you take the Tinder experience offline and, ahem, meet your match, our ChatPak™ First Date Kit will ensure your date is as smooth as smooth peanut butter.

If you'd like us to make your profile lit, head on over to our service page and see just what we can do to make the love train enter your station.

 *increase in matches not guaranteed.

Only joking! We’re not really launching a Tindermisation service, we’re wedded to digital.

Did you see us in the press?


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