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New App ‘a network of eyes’

Be My Eyes is a revolutionary non-profit, all for love app conjured and developed by Danish developer Hans Jorgen Wiberg. The app is designed to connect blind people with volunteer helpers from around the world, via the live video function on iPhones, to provide ‘eyes’ for it’s over 11.7k visually impaired users.

Wiberg, who has tunnel vision and is almost certain to go blind, said; “As a blind person, you are 100% sure that the person who answers the call is willing to help you”… Sounds simple and I suppose it is, as most of the best ideas are. Wiberg said that lots of his blind friends used to use Face Time to ask sighted friends questions when having difficulty at home. The main problem with this though was that they felt as if they were constantly disrupting and imposing on people. However, with the app, he says; “As a helper, if you don’t have time you don’t answer”. An obvious lightbulb moment for Wiberg, who has spent years working with and helping blind organisations.

When using the app the blind user can request assistance by double tapping their screens whenever they come across an otherwise tricky situation; such as finding their way around unfamiliar surroundings, to finding out an expiry date on consumable products. Instantly a notification is then sent out to the over 128k sighted users on the platform. If the sighted user is available they can accept, and are instantly linked via a live video connection. The sighted individual can then help the blind person by answering any question that they may have, with the ability to see the blind person’s surroundings through the iPhone’s video camera. If the first user isn’t available to help, the next available user will be notified.

Be My Eyes

After downloading the app for free the user is shown a short, informative introduction video which provides an insight into a blind person’s daily struggles, and how useful the app can be.

I’ve only very recently downloaded the app, and am eagerly awaiting my first notification. The idea of helping someone who could be anywhere in the world at any given time is very exciting to me. Not to mention how a small act of kindness like this, I imagine, can help improve their lives on a daily basis. I’ve always been incredibly sympathetic towards people lacking any of the senses, especially sight and hearing. Sometimes I have to remind myself of how lucky I am to have all available senses, and hopefully being part of the Be My Eyes network will help me appreciate that.

The development of smart devices has helped people with disabilities to access services and a whole new world of features that would otherwise be difficult for them to appreciate. Apps are being developed on a daily basis that will help people live a much more fulfilled life, through access to information and content.

So if this intelligent app proves useful to the sight-impaired user and helps what is obviously a fantastic idea and organisation… I’m in!

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