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As we celebrate another birthday here at Enjoy Digital, I’m taking the opportunity to reflect on our journey over the last nine years and share with you some of our exciting future plans.

From humble beginnings, our little Leeds agency has grown into a major player in the digital marketing scene, with the awards and accreditations to prove it. I’m so proud of where we’ve come from and what we’ve become. As we enter into our tenth year, there’s still so much we want to achieve.

Looking back on the last 12 months

The last year has been no exception when it comes to growth, and we’ve had much to celebrate. We’ve entered into fantastic new relationships with a variety of clients and have developed our established partnerships too. We’ve welcomed fresh talent into the agency, across each of our service areas, and we’ve seen our revenue increase from £2.3m to £2.9m.

As an agency develops, it inevitably encounters a few pain points and this year has, in part, been the hardest one we’ve experienced to date. We’ve hit a few obstacles and experienced some growing pains, but what’s made those pleasurable is overcoming them and, for me personally, seeing how the team has pulled together to work through them.

Putting the client at the heart of what we do

In the year that we decided to see everything from the client’s perspective and put them at the heart of everything we do, we have doubled our client services team. Bringing in more specialist expertise has not only added more value for clients, it has also developed us as an agency, with new ideas, processes and successes. More importantly, having a larger client services team means we’re able to spend more time with clients, understanding more of their problems and pains and ultimately getting to know them better and improving our relationships.

Investing in technology

As you would expect, we invest heavily in technology on an ongoing basis, this year more than others. Not only in the normal areas of development and monitoring but we highlighted an area of the business that was a time drain. We were spending far too much time reporting, and that time could have been better used adding value for clients. Datorama has been implemented into the agency with a large investment, automating the majority of the reporting function into a customisable client control panel. This is giving our clients better direct live reporting and allowing us to spend more time on servicing their accounts.

Protecting client data

Another proud achievement to note is our attainment of two information security accreditations – ISO27001 Information Security Standard and Cyber Essentials Certification. These accreditations guarantee that our systems and processes are secure and robust, and we’re one of only a few digital agencies in the country to be certified to these standards. Clients can rest assured that we’re protecting their data.

Fantastic feedback

What’s been great to hear consistently, over the past year, is the feedback from our new recruits coming into the agency. We’ve heard time and time again that we’re a welcoming bunch with strong processes and good attitudes to work, something that has really impressed them all. On top of this, is the feeling that everyone will make time for them and help at the drop of a hat. It’s really nice to hear that type of feedback.

What's next?

Our new brand and the strengthening of our integrated proposition sets us up well for our tenth year; our best yet! We’re aiming for our biggest ever growth and achieving this is only possible due to the great relationships we have not only with the fantastic team that we have here, but also the clients we work with every day.

So, to summarise it’s been a year of challenges and achievements working with a fantastic team and great clients on longer term partnerships, adding value and delivering results all make for a very proud board!

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