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Luigi Raw
By Luigi RawSenior Data Engineer
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Since the acquisition of the analytics company Urchin in 2005, Google has been evolving its analytics tool for years and it's been a huge success - seeing a wealth of website owners, businesses and marketing agencies adopting it.

Google are now looking to further improve the service with a brand new User Interface, whilst retaining the quality features we have all come to know and love.

So, in the style of Indiana Jones; hold on to your fedora hats whilst we whip through the changes like a rusty old cart in an abandoned mine.  

Simplified navigation

Google Analytics currently has three points of navigation; with the top quick access bar, the subheader bar and the sidebar. This can reduce the visible area of the reporting view significantly, especially on smaller screens. Google are looking to make some significant improvements to this by making the following changes:

  • Implementing the unified Google Material Design standards to provide a unified, cross-platform experience.
  • Removal of the sub-header bar (eg Home, Customisation) - this change makes things much cleaner and frees up screen space. 
  • Pinning Admin to the bottom of the sidebar navigation - this makes it easily accessible whilst also bringing the format in-line with other Google tools.
  • Resizable sidebar navigation space - by making this resizable, users can increase visible report views without hiding the menu. 


New Google Analytics Navigation Layout


Consolidated Customisation Menu

Previously, reporting customisation was spread out across a number of areas of Google Analytics. Now, all customisations will be contained in a single ‘Customisation’ sidebar menu.

Google Analytics Consolidated Customisation


Switching Views Made Simple

For some, this has already been available for a while. However, Google is now making this the default with the new design. This allows users to quickly and easily switch between analytics accounts, properties and views.

Streamlined Defaults

Google Analytics is a go-to tool for many people; from marketing execs to company directors. However, when you are managing a number of Analytics views, you find yourself having to customise the view every time you visit. Google has been listening to feedback and is making the following improvements:

  • When logging in, you will be taken directly to the last Google Analytics view you were last looking at.
  • You will now be able to set a default date range for views and reports, meaning you no longer have to use the 30-day default setting currently in use.
  • The new date range default (when not set manually) will now be 7 days.

Sunset Pages

Anyone who has been using Analytics for a while will be all too aware of the various features that Google has both added and removed. Sometimes, these sections are removed altogether, and some are removed with a plan to bring in new and improved versions. Here are a few of the changes Google has been making: 

  • Automatic Intelligence Events are being removed from Google Analytics and the plan is to replace this with a new insights report, driven by Google Analytics Assistant.
  • In-Page Analytics are being removed from the Google Analytics system. However, the feature will still be available via a Google Chrome add-on.

Sounds exciting doesn't it? We think so. Analytics users should start to see these changes hit our screens in the coming weeks.

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