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Attention all Google Shopping advertisers: the top-spot throne is empty.

At the end of April, Amazon decided to stop bidding on Google’s Product Listing Auctions. And with the top-dog no longer in the running, the fight for a leading position becomes fair game.

The benefits of Google Shopping

Google Shopping allows advertisers to promote their products in a noticeable listing above the organic results. Not only does the platform let advertisers utilise photos, but it offers a better click-through-rate at a reduced cost-per-click.

With nearly 60% of all online traffic coming from mobile devices, Google Shopping boasts excellent ad visibility on mobile. Only two traditional PPC ads are shown on mobile devices compared to a carousel of 15 shopping ads.

Why has Amazon left?     

Amazon’s reasoning behind pulling out from Google Shopping is somewhat unclear but there are several theories circulating. One of the most plausible is that Amazon doesn’t want people to search on Google first. And why would they? Google are a direct competitor. Much like YouTube is for videos, Amazon is a shopping search-engine.

PowerReviews conducted a survey and out of 1,000 US consumers, 38% of shoppers use Amazon as a preferred starting point over 35% who use Google, and out of the 35%, 41% clicked on an Amazon link. Not only does this depict Amazon’s growing online dominance, but it portrays Google as the middle man for Amazon, often acting as little more than a stepping-stone in the buyer’s journey.  

Amazon had an impression share of 30% in some of the most popular product categories on Google Shopping, meaning tough competition for other advertisers. Perhaps Amazon’s involvement with Google Shopping was more than just a means of sales, but an inflation strategy to deter business owners and advertisers away from Google, and towards Amazon’s own platform: Amazon Advertising Platform.

Ripe opportunity

Nevertheless, its departure from Google Shopping leaves a space wide-open at the top for businesses that were once in Amazon’s shadow. A space that, should, provide PPC bidders with the opportunity to increase their ad position, click-through-rate and click-volume – ultimately increasing sales and return on investment.

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