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As part of Social Media Week 2016, we’re looking at how best to make use of your social networks.

We're listing some of the common pitfalls and best practices that you can use to get the most out of social media for your business. In the spotlight today: Twitter.

1. Get insights with Twitter Analytics

Notifications, mentions and messages are kept front and centre in Twitter’s user interface, but buried away in a sub-menu is one of it’s best features - the Analytics Dashboard.

The dashboard lets you go beyond the basics of who has liked and retweeted your tweets, and tells you far more about how people are interacting with it; who’s clicked your links, viewed your image, the number of impressions it’s made across the entire Twitter network and more. Invaluable when it comes to deciding on what kind of content to tweet about in future and how your audience might react to it.

Twitter have a great guide on how to get started with their dashboard here.

Use Twitter’s analytics dashboard to learn more about your audience

2. Know your audience

Hand-in-hand with analytics is making sure you have a keen understanding of the audience you’re speaking to (or trying to cultivate), and that you’re doing everything you can to pitch your business towards them. 

Common sense will go a long way here. Running a Twitter account about pension schemes? Your readers most likely aren’t going to be too fussed about a post of the latest Pokemon GO update. Tweeting about a popular TV show? Wait until the next episode is broadcasting and keep an eye out for official hashtags in order to make sure your tweets are getting in front of the largest audience.

Ensure you’re tweeting about topics your audience would be interested in

3. Keep it simple

Like all the best advertising, Tweets work their best when they’re simple, concise and easy to understand. You’ve got 140 characters in which to capture the attention of the reader. Make sure it has a clear message and gets straight to the point.

This extends beyond the text too - overloading your tweet with hashtags is a definite no. The same goes for links as well. Don’t waste your audience’s time and they will respect this.

Clear message? Check. Obvious link? Check. Relevant hashtag? Check.

4. Engage with your audience

With a service the size of Twitter, it’s nice to feel noticed every now and then. Along with the usual methods - responding to people’s tweets in a timely manner and the like - you can use Twitter’s range of tools to get more from your audience.

Keep an eye on Twitter’s trending topics to see if there’s any relevant discussions that you could get involved in, and use interactive features like polls to give people a way to interact with you quickly and easily.

Twitter’s poll feature is a great way to engage with your audience

5. Make it visual

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a Twitter image is worth at least 140 characters (well, a good portion anyway). Adding visuals alongside your tweet - whether it’s a video, animated .gif or photo - can immediately help it stand out in your audience’s timelines and encourage them to click your link and continue reading.

You can do this manually when you’re writing a tweet by uploading an image from your own device or by searching for a .gif keyword within Twitter. Rich links such as Twitter Cards and OpenGraph - which give you both an image and a short blurb for your link - can also help add visual interesting and give your users a flavour of what the link is about before they commit to clicking on it.

You’re far more likely to click this than a plain old text link, right?

Stay tuned for more tips for other social networks this week as part of Social Media Week.

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