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During Social Media week, we gave you five top tips to make the most out of your Facebook page. But of course having a tip-top Facebook page means very little if people don’t see it. So, here's five quick and easy tips to boost your reach on Facebook. 

Know your audience

Who? What? When? Where? Why?

Sure, as a business you know that targeting your audience is key but have you ever thought about applying those same principles to Facebook? 

Keeping your content relevant goes without saying, but knowing when to push that content is vital. 

Facebook’s Insight tool is a gift to all businesses. Insights allow you to monitor when and where your audience is, what they are looking at and the extent to which they are engaging with it. It’s as simple as that. 

Shareable Content

Facebook is open, it’s loud and there is so much going on 

Endless scrolling through a heap of content makes it even more difficult to grab your audience’s attention but when you do, it can work in your favour.

One like, share or comment can lead to three likes, shares or comments. Once a post catches fire, it spreads quickly and before you know it you’ve engaged with hundreds or even thousands.

Of course, it’s easy to say all of this and expect results but it’s all about experimenting. Don’t limit yourself to your own content. Share and engage with what’s happening in your world of business, which is a good place to start if you’re unsure. 

Video, video, video

Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm is a mystery to all. But one thing is for certain, video works 

This doesn’t mean you have to start employing a full camera crew to get the best results. Smartphone cameras work great and the free-to-access editing software out there is just as perfect. But even so, sharing other people’s videos creates your own discussion and that can boost your reach. 

Facebook Live is a fairly new innovation and even the media industry leaders have yet to mould out the gold standard. There are no best practices so don’t be afraid to experiment. 

Personable presence

Creating a community creates customers. Be engaging and be approachable

Keep it appropriate and professional but don’t appear distant to your audience. It’s a balance that is different for all businesses; you just need to find yours.

Answering queries on Facebook helps as well as replying to comments regardless of their content. Again, experiment and analyse the reaction. 

Keep an eye on competitors

Don’t copy, just snoop. They are more than likely doing the same thing to you

Insights can also help to keep track of what your business competitors are doing. See what works and what doesn’t work and implement that into your strategy, but don’t make it so obvious! 

First and foremost try to be innovative but remember: was “Facebook” Mark Zuckerberg’s initial idea after all?

Do you want your social media channels to work harder for you? Speak to ED - we can help!

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