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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock since 2011, you’ll be fully aware of Snapchat and its benefits.

But just in case, here’s the lowdown; Snapchat is a free photo and video messaging app. You can send temporary photos and videos to your contacts, which vanish after a few seconds. A Snapchat story is a photo that lasts 24 hours and is viewable by all of your contacts.

One of the biggest mistakes for Snapchat marketers is not taking the time to think about content. The average attention span of a user is around 8 seconds, so you can’t afford to post repetitive or unimaginative posts. Here’s a collection of top tips to help get you off to a good start on what could be a brilliant tool for your business!

1. Activate

If you haven’t done this already, make sure you get the most of this app by activating your Snapchat features. Go to Settings, Manage, and activate features such as Front Flash and Powersave Mode.

2. Earn traffic to your business or store with incentives

Feature discount codes, sneak peaks and Q&A’s on your Snap Story to showcase your brand, gain followers and get customers through your doors.

3. Learn trendy hacks

Did you know you can use up to three filters at a time? We both know the importance of a filter on a selfie, and Geo-filters play a vital part in sprucing up your story, so go ahead and use both! Hold your thumb down on a selected filter whilst swiping for others! For a breakdown of the best hacks to date, here’s a handy link.

Oh, and in case you wanted to see an example (or something you won’t unsee), here’s my own snap featuring Lew, one of our Designers.

4. On your marks, get set, screenshot! 

It’s good practice to let your audience know of any approaching snaps worth keeping. Users need to be screenshot and audio ready! Anything worth screenshotting will be shared by your users on other social media platforms, earning more followers!

5. Keep it fun

Users don’t want business on Snapchat, they want colourful, funny, energetic posts. Remember, Snapchat’s prime demographic is aged between 12-34 years old, so you’ll be appealing to a wide audience.

Now you’re ready to embrace this colourful, fun and egocentric world! Watch this space for more social tips tomorrow.

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