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LinkedIn is one of the most popular social channels for B2B brands, so knowing how to get the most out of it is vital.

As part of Social Media Week 2016, we’ve been looking at how best to make use of your social networks – including common pitfalls and best practices that you can use to get the most out of social media for your business. Our final channel in the spotlight today is LinkedIn.

Our top 5 tips for LinkedIn are:

1. Don’t just sell

A common pitfall for businesses on LinkedIn is to just sell! Because users - on the whole- are using LinkedIn purely as a business platform (unlike Facebook and Twitter, which primarily have a personal element), it’s easy to believe you have a captive audience who are only interested in your business.

It is important to remember that LinkedIn is a networking site for professionals. So if you were at a networking event, you wouldn’t just walk up to another professional and say: “Hi, we sell amazing products, we are the best at it and it’s not that expensive. Would you like to know more?

A better approach would be to take part in some small talk about what they do and then ease into a conversation about what you do, whilst showing interest in how that could affect the person you are talking to and then educating them in a helpful way.

LinkedIn is no different. Don’t just shout about your product/service, how good you are or how you’re competitively priced etc. Add value for a user by sharing knowledge, stats or updates on the latest news within the industry. Make your updates reliable and informative and users will be much more interested in you as a brand. Be the expert, not just the brand who shouts the loudest.

2. Don’t post irrelevant social posts

Further to the first tip - you don’t want to go too far the other way and just post for the sake of posting. Again, LinkedIn is a professional network - users don’t expect to see ridiculous chain posts, pictures of animals or meme after meme. After all, this is supposed to be a professional platform.

The occasional meme and fun post is acceptable on LinkedIn, but only if it is both occasional and relevant for your audience. Just because you are a dignified professional on LinkedIn with a respectable job doesn’t mean you have no sense of humour or feelings. You need to inject some character into your page to get the balance right - if something is relatable and a bit of fun then share it or post it - but be warned: if your post isn’t applicable to your business or brand then you will be chased down by the LinkedIn police on your comments informing you that “This isn’t Facebook!

3. Engage with new followers/contacts

Take advantage of being dynamic and an engaging business and drop a ‘thank you’ direct message to any new followers/contacts; after all this is a networking site. Don’t worry, while people expect a level of service, they don’t expect the CEO to message them personally! 

You don’t have to do this within the hour of someone connecting with you, but even sending a generic ‘thank you’ message does make a difference. It’s also the perfect opportunity to welcome someone to your business and give them some additional information about your products/services or information on who is best to contact for various purposes such as PR or customer service.

By sending such a message you are opening the lines of communication, which can only be a good thing!

4. Create your own mini website

Have you ever visited a business’ LinkedIn profile and just found a grey page with a few lines about them, followed by the generic LinkedIn information such as website, company size, industry etc? Not very inspiring is it! Do you feel compelled to get in touch with them or to research them further? Probably not - unless you have had excellent personal recommendations to drive your enquiry further. If you aren’t animated by this type of business page - would anyone be interested in yours if it’s similar? 

Treat your business page on LinkedIn like an extension of your website. It should be visual, on-brand and engaging - this is where LinkedIn can supersede the other social channels - you are restricted by Instagram and Twitter in providing any real information above and beyond your updates and pictures. 

LinkedIn allows you feature service/product information, career feeds, blogs and more. This is an excellent opportunity to illustrate your digital excellence and drive traffic to your website. Take a look at the GE, Hays and IBM for great examples of LinkedIn business pages.

5. Empower your staff

As much as your business reputation and product/service offering is a major factor in sales, so are your staff. We all love the simple and direct business enquiry which results in a sale without much effort, but let’s be honest, this isn’t the norm unfortunately! It is a competitive world out there, and people are a major factor in securing a new customer - whether that’s as a result of their character and personality, their knowledge or their reputation. 

Therefore, as a business you should ensure that you provide your staff with the tools they need to demonstrate their knowledge and passion, in line with your brand. 

There will naturally be a mix within your business of social savvy staff and social media-phobes. To encourage the social media-phobe group of staff, provide excellent updates and content on LinkedIn which they can confidently share with their network in an extremely easy way - a click of the mouse! Equally, the most social savvy staff may well be sharing content, but it may not be executed to the standard of your brand. By regularly updating the business’ LinkedIn page with updates you can provide them with a plethora of sharable content that is in line with your brand. By involving your staff it’s a win-win!

Don’t forget your staff can have 100s of connections in their personal network from previous roles etc, which may not follow your business, yet, so don’t forget about the power of their individual voice on LinkedIn to potentially gain new followers, customers and advocates of your brand.

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