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It’s no secret that image sharing platforms are on the increase and with over 500 million monthly users, Instagram is one of the leaders in the pack.

It’s no longer purely about the quality of your content, but how you can stay relevant in a world dominated by photos of celebs, cute pets and exercise routines. So how could you make the most out of your business Instagram account and stay ahead of the game?

1. Have your own style

Get creative with how you advertise yourself and your services. With numerous companies offering similar services, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. One way of doing this is by creating a visual style. If you start to use similar visual characteristics, such as colours and layouts within photos and videos, users will start to get to recognise your posts and you will get a larger following.

An example of this is Frooti, which uses simple, bold designs to get its user’s attention. The colours used are visually striking, especially when placed against contrasting backgrounds and the elements used in its images tend to be laid out in the same fashion.

2. Keep your posts regular

A common misconception is that the more images you share, the higher your engagement. However, this just isn’t the case. Whilst you don’t want to leave your feed and only update it every month, you don’t want to spam your followers either. Finding a balance that works and is manageable for you is important.

As long as you keep up the rate of posting, such as if you aim to post 3-4 images a week, and you maintain the quality of the posts, by doing this you will start to see a steady increase in the number of followers and engagements you receive.

3. Showcase personality not just products

This is something that Nike do particularly well and the proof is in pudding, with over 62 million followers to date. They don’t just show you a whole host of its products, Nike tends to focus on the lifestyle its followers are trying to achieve and inspire them to continue doing so. By using this method Nike is effectively selling an ideal to its users, which in turn helps to promote its products.

Another great way to get across the personality of your business is to add images of your employees. It allows for a level of transparency and openness, letting users get to know the people behind the scenes. Whether it’s celebrating an achievement or a fun company outing, this personal touch often gains more engagement than your standard industry posts.

4. Creative relevant hashtags and captions

Most people think that Instagram is all about the image. However, spending time on captions allows you to expand on the image, give it context and connect with your followers.

With hashtags being a part of everyday life on social media, choosing the right ones for your caption can be crucial. Hashtags are used to align your campaigns across various social media platforms, as well as showcase your brand.

To ensure your posts are getting viewed by the correct people you should:

  • Use brand specific hashtags
  • Widen your exposure by using industry related hashtags to ensure your content is being found under relevant searches
  • Utilise popular hashtags, so your content gets recommended to users that have liked similar posts e.g. #TGIF
  • Use location hashtags so you get picked up on local searches
  • Create hashtags competitions to increase engagement and overall reach

5. Don’t be afraid to use video

Video was a late addition to Instagram but it's one of the most effective ways of getting your message across. The latest updates from Instagram not only allow users to upload video up to 60 seconds long, it also allows users to embed them onto web pages to gain a much larger reach.

Below are a few tips on how you could get the most out of video marketing for your business and increase user engagement:

  • Create videos that answer some of your users FAQs
  • Create a short video portfolio of products or projects you have done
  • Showcase funny workplace videos or behind the scenes footage of your offices and employees

Remember, by default a lot of the video will be played silent in user’s feeds, and so you need to ensure you are still effectively communicating your message.

Stay tuned for more tips for other social networks this week as part of Social Media Week.

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