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Unlocking growth with the new ‘self-serve generation’

Si Muddell
Si Muddell
Growth Director
4 minutes to read
Unlocking growth with the new ‘self-serve generation’

B2B brands face a generational and situational shift. As millennials take over decision making positions, we’re seeing an increase in virtual selling practices and a huge decrease in face-to-face sales relationships.

In fact, more than 44% of millennial B2B buyers prefer closing a deal without interacting with sales professionals.

However, the potentially long-lasting consequences of a poorly judged B2B purchase decision mean that emotional factors such as trust, confidence and reassurance can be some of the most powerful differentiators for B2B brands.


So, how can B2B businesses present themselves digitally in a way that builds on these feelings and unlocks growth with the new ‘self-serve generation’?

For this exclusive webinar, hosted by Enjoy Growth Director, Si Muddell, we were joined by our very own Head of Insight & Strategy, Lauren Castagni Mote, Head of Behavioural Science at IPSOS, Colin Strong, and Global Head of Digital B2B Transformation at Diageo, James Farrer. Here, we cover:

  • What makes a meaningful online experience and how to truly understand your audience
  • How people buy, the psychology behind it, and why emotions have a place in B2B purchase decisions.
  • How to re-shape your strategic focus to leverage digital channels
  • How to optimise your digital experience to ensure you stand out in a saturated market
  • The different stages of transformation and where your digital experience sits

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