You might argue that every day is social media day, but believe it or not, global media company, Mashable launched a dedicated day to celebrate all of the channels which have become a huge part of our daily lives.

In honour of the eighth annual World Social Media Day, and in the week that Facebook reached 2bn users, we thought we’d reflect on exactly what makes social media great, and reminisce about some of the platforms we miss from years gone by.

All grown up

Amid chatting with friends old and new on Facebook, Pinning interiors inspiration on Pinterest and keeping a finger on the pulse of current affairs via Twitter, we’ve also come to see our social media channels as a place to share our biggest life achievements, experiences and announcements.

Gone are the days of sending a ‘wink’ to our pals on MSN messenger, we’re now posting Instagram photos of engagement rings, Snapchat Stories featuring the pitter patter of tiny feet, and Boomerangs of keys jangling in the hands of their “Home-owners, YAY!”. For team ED, we have grown up (almost) as much as social media has.

Twitter tales and Facebook fails

It’s said that the average Brit will spend more than three years of their life posting on social media. But while you might say we’re fast becoming a nation of addicts, it isn’t all ‘likes’ and love heart emojis being shared.

Charlotte Bunker, ED’s creative copywriter says; “Social media is a double-edged sword. It's great to have platforms where discussion and debate can take place but it’s terrible to see people use this as a place to openly share offensive views.”

Development team leader, Oliver Picton agrees; “Internet trolling is the worst aspect of social media, and it’s so important that people don’t see channels like Twitter or Facebook as a place to openly or directly insult people.”

The golden days

Did you know you can resurrect your old MySpace profile? For the ultimate #throwback you’ll simply need to know your original email and password, but you can also visit this help page to help you log back in and most importantly, update your top eight friends list.

Jemma says; “I miss Myspace. It had everything you needed, I enjoyed editing my background to make it all edgy and having my favourite music automatically playing. I also enjoyed spending an unreasonable amount of time filling out personality surveys for my bulletin posts. pc4pc, anyone?”

Charlotte says; “Those were the days. Back when you could express every emotion you were feeling through one song and post passive aggressive bulletins that no one read.”

To end our World Social Media Day reflection - L.O.L.s at the ready - we’ve thrown in a little Who’s Who? guessing game of ED staff’s first ever Facebook profile pictures. Who can you spot?


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