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What was your first Instagram picture?

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In celebration of Instagram’s 5th Birthday we thought it would be fun to take a look back at everyone in the office’s first Instagram picture.

Surprisingly, there are a number of people who have not been tempted by the endless selfies, celeb stalking, travel wanderlust and the many many filters of marvel…yet!

So, in the meantime, we asked all those Instagrammers in the office to share with us their first pictures; everyone had a few laughs and shocks at how unadventurous and basic their pictures were compared to today’s filtered, tilt shifted, sharpened and saturated masterpieces.

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Happy Birthday Instagram!

Happy Birthday Instagram

Today is Instagram’s 5th Birthday! So we thought we would explore more about this snap-happy app and all that it has achieved and has to offer…

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Why your employees should be sharing your company content

A growing number of companies are utilising the potential of their employees’ and their social networks to create positive conversations around their company and brand on social media.

It’s essentially word of mouth advertising for the digital age so it makes perfect sense to mobilise one of the greatest resources you have to support your marketing efforts – your employees. After all, they are likely to have large social media networks that go well beyond the reach of your business profiles.

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London Fashion Week: British brands use digital innovations to take the catwalk by storm…

LFW 2015

Over the past four days, we’ve seen a whole host of designers debut their SS16 collections and how we’ve all loved every second of it. In true London Fashion Week style there has, of course, been several highlights and for us, Burberry once again stole the show.

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The Top Digital Marketing Campaigns From London Fashion Week 2014

#LFW 2014

I’m Alix Swinhoe and I’m a 20 year old University Student studying Marketing Communications and Advertising at Sheffield Hallam University. I’ve just completed a placement at Enjoy Digital to find out what it’s like to work for a digital agency, as I believe that gaining work experience in marketing is highly important and will be greatly beneficial both during and after I have completed my degree.

I spent some time with ED’s Social and Content Marketing team and whilst here I completed some digital trends research.

With London Fashion Week being a hot topic, I thought it would be interesting to discover what innovative digital marketing campaigns popular high street retailers have previously used, leading up to one of the world’s major fashion events.

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The Best Apps for the Apple Watch

With loyal fans eagerly awaiting the Apple Watch release, we’re just as eager to see how companies will respond to the challenge of optimising their apps for Apple Watch users. Here are 6 apps (both new and existing) that we think will work seamlessly on the watch.

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The Internet of Things and The Connected Home

The ‘Internet of Things’ has become a bit of a buzz-word in the tech world. It refers to everyday objects that are connected to the internet, and one of the biggest growing areas of the ‘IoT’ is ‘The Connected Home’ or ‘Smart Homes’.

With the introduction of technology such as Nest and the announcement of Nest’s ‘partnership programme,’ the opportunities for turning the everyday home into a ‘smart home’ are becoming more and more apparent.

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A Time for Sharing, Giving and Following- the Best Christmas Campaigns of 2014

‘Never work with animals and children’ is a well-known saying, but John Lewis seems to be continuing to disregard best practice with their highly popular Christmas TV ad. With more than 18 million YouTube views, Monty the Penguin has already stolen the nation’s hearts and tears, beating their previous year’s Christmas advert The Bear and The Hare (at over 14 million views), and it’s only just December!

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Digital Trends & Predictions from the SODA

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This time last year we took you through our thoughts on the Society of Digital Agencies’ bi-annual report, which reviewed digital marketing trends and future predictions for 2014. Their report has achieved over 450,000 views and downloads worldwide, and with its latest update just released, we bring you our thoughts and insights from some of the most influential minds in our industry.

SODA 2014

In this latest issue, 2H 2014, SODA’s elite members, partners and industry leaders provide their thoughts on the latest digital trends, including; a view on “The Connected Age”, the rise of “Microvideo” and the challenges of “Modern Marketers”.
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