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Successful Content- It’s All In The Mind

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With so many successful types of content available, such as amazing Infographics, useful how-to guides, and even sneezing pandas, why does some content work so well?

Danny Ashton, of NeoMam Studios, conducted his excellent SASCon talk How to Produce Persona Success Content about the clever psychology behind what results in a piece of content ranking amongst some of the best, and being so compelling it leaves people no choice but to share it and discuss it, online and offline.

Danny aimed to show us the true nature and process of the reasons behind an engaging piece of content’s success by explaining the Triune theory. In other words,it all starts with the brain.

The Triune Brain

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Bards and Brands – How Shakespeare Will Shake Up Your Marketing Performance

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Britain’s most renowned playwright, William Shakespeare, once famously wrote; “All the world’s a stage…” as part of a profound speech which likens the world to a ‘universal theatre‘, life to a performance, and how we all have a part to play in it. For marketing today, this statement couldn’t be more true…

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Mini SASCon- From Harmonising PR, Social and Search to the Top 5 Brands which ‘Get’ Social

From ASDA’s ‘spot the difference’ to ‘dot-to-dot’, with the next Panel discussion which involved Joining the Dots – PR, Social & Search in Perfect Harmony, with Andy Barr (Visionary for 10 Yetis), Robin Wilson (Director Digital and PR and Social Media at McCann Erickson), Rob Weatherhead from MediaCom), and the Chair was filled by Simon Wharton (from Push ON).

One opinion follows that there is increasingly more and more conflict between PR, Social and Search. However, these forms of marketing need to work together more to manage a brand more efficiently. They are all trying to do the same thing, ie. create good and engaging content and all achieve similar outcomes (to imprive search rankings, engage followers and build a brand’s reputation). Afterall, “you’re not who you say you are, but what Google says you are”, so you need the ability to build links as well as build the brand’s image, fusing the various practices together.

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Mini SASCon and The State of the Digital Nation

Last Friday 17th January, several members of the Search team set off from Enjoy Digital for a presentation-packed day in Manchester at Mini SASCon, “organised by the digital community for the digital community”. It was a one-day event based on the main SASCon event, one of the UK’s finest Search, Analytics and Social Conferences, which takes place again this summer.

This year Mini SASCon showcased the latest thinking, innovations and technologies in digital marketing, regarding the current divergence and imminent convergence of Search, Social and PR. We were treated to several marketing authority’s sessions and panel discussions, aiming and succeeding to “educate, share best practice, inspire and enthuse”.

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Google – we can help you!!

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We’d like to reach out, as our friends across the pond would say, to Google as we think we have spotted an opportunity for them

During a recent ‘beer conversation’ with Paul, one of our good friends at Searchmetrics, we Googled the phrase ‘search engine’ – fully expecting Google to be no1 in their own SERPs. To our surprise we found Dogpile to be No1 – yes, I said Dogpile – you remember? They are indeed still out there – and doing pretty well apparently by using a mix of results from various engines including Google.

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ED Work Experience by Liam Loughney

My name is Liam Loughney and I am a 23 year old University Graduate. Like many graduates in my position I was finding it hard to break into the marketing industry. Looking at my situation realistically I decided that gaining some work experience would benefit me greatly. I heard about Enjoy Digital and the quality of work that they do and decided to get in touch to inquire about any work experience they could offer. I was delighted when Kristal Ireland – Strategy Director – threw me a lifeline and invited me into the fantastic Enjoy Digital agency/headquarters in Leeds City Centre.

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