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The FCA creates a ‘Minefield’ following Social Media Restrictions

Following a guidance consultation for the financial industry in August, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has published further recommendations, intended to clarify its approach to assist firms with their approved use of financial promotions in social media.

The regulator was asked for further clarification on what could be perceived as a financial promotion, and where would the responsibility lie with regards to re-tweets, forwarding and sharing.

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The Best Apps for the Apple Watch

With loyal fans eagerly awaiting the Apple Watch release, we’re just as eager to see how companies will respond to the challenge of optimising their apps for Apple Watch users. Here are 6 apps (both new and existing) that we think will work seamlessly on the watch.

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What is Meerkat?


Stop!  I know what you’re thinking…the last thing we need is another social media app to have to learn, get used to, and keep up with using, right?

Well actually, this is a really awesome tool, and will just become a way of life like so many apps have before it.

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what do your shoes say about you?

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Coming from a background in retail, and having previously run my own lifestyle store, clothing and particularly footwear have been of interest to me for as long as I can remember. Not in a ‘hype’ kind of way; where following trends for the sake of it is important, quite the opposite- just a love for heritage, quality and simplicity in products that have stood the test of time..

Converse is a perfect example of a brand that has created exactly that. With silhouettes such as the Jack Purcell signature shoe designed by the Canadian badminton champion in 1935 and the 70’s Chuck Taylor All Star OX that has recently been re-released and produced in exactly the same way using the same materials and manufacturing processes that were used the first time around.

Reflecting on their history Converse have recently unveiled their biggest marketing campaign to date, celebrating their best known and longest standing shoe; the Chuck Taylor All Star. A shoe favoured across the largest demographic.

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Enjoy Digital Welcomes You To Their Brand New EDQuarters!

Enjoy Digital have settled in to their brand new EDQuarter premises at 23 The Calls, Leeds; relocating a short distance from their previous location on Maude Street.

Enjoy DigitalThis move will be to their third premises along The Calls, Leeds, providing an excellent and unique working space and the ideal environment for future business growth.

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The Internet of Things and The Connected Home

The ‘Internet of Things’ has become a bit of a buzz-word in the tech world. It refers to everyday objects that are connected to the internet, and one of the biggest growing areas of the ‘IoT’ is ‘The Connected Home’ or ‘Smart Homes’.

With the introduction of technology such as Nest and the announcement of Nest’s ‘partnership programme,’ the opportunities for turning the everyday home into a ‘smart home’ are becoming more and more apparent.

eero image

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Be My Eyes

New App ‘a network of eyes’

Be My Eyes is a revolutionary non-profit, all for love app conjured and developed by Danish developer Hans Jorgen Wiberg. The app is designed to connect blind people with volunteer helpers from around the world, via the live video function on iPhones, to provide ‘eyes’ for it’s over 11.7k visually impaired users.

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Monty Python’s Flying Content

And now for something completely different:


an article featuring Monty Python, ‘lovingly ripped off’ and applied to content marketing, particularly discussing the importance of how to engage your audience.

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Team ED’s Halloween Bakeoff is a piece of cake!

Team ED got into the spirit of Halloween today with a spooky Bakeoff.

5 of our top bakers entered the Bakeoff Boardroom to present their bakes to our Directors and esteemed judges Jonny and Chris, as well as a hungry and appreciative team.

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Enjoy Digital celebrates its 6th successful year!

Enjoy Digital is celebrating its 6th successful year in business, with considerable account victories and progressive record growth!

Successful project delivery and significant new account wins have fuelled what has been an incredibly positive year for the business, in which we’ve helped all kinds of clients achieve their marketing objectives.

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