Costcutter Supermarkets Group selects Enjoy Digital to become strategic digital partner

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Enjoy Digital will support the transformation of Costcutter Supermarkets Group’s digital capability for both its customers and retail members.

The first project will be to create a personalised online community for our retailers, providing communication and engagement platform to integrate systems, news and best practice. The second project is to launch a new generation of consumer websites for Costcutter, Mace and kwiksave.

Using the latest technology, these developments will help Costcutter Supermarkets Group leap-frog competitors and deliver an excellent on-line experience.

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International Day of Happiness – Are you Happy with your Agency?


Today is the International Day of Happiness, and today’s got me thinking about what makes a great client relationship. In my years in ‘agency land’, I’ve experienced some fantastic client relationships, and heard some real horror stories which always end in accounts going elsewhere.

 So, my question to you is:

Are you happy with your agency?

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Infographic: Celebrating 25 years of the world wide web

Originally conceived by Sir Tim Berners Lee in March 1989 as a way to improve communication at his workplace in CERN, the world wide web is now used by 99 per cent 18-29 year olds in America, research by CWCS has found.

CWCS web hosting has created a great infographic to show just how far the web has come over the years, with 90 per cent of internet users saying use of the internet was a good thing for them personally.
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Enjoy Digital become Sitecore Certified Partners


As a full service digital agency, Enjoy Digital offers strategic thinking for a digital age and in an age that is more and more about personalisation and automation we’re excited to expand our already strong in-house technical offering to include the award winning Sitecore platform.

By working with Sitecore, becoming a certified partner and offering their enterprise level CMS solution, Enjoy Digital can offer ambitious clients increased levels of personalisation, real time analytics, marketing automation and ongoing easy-to-run a/b and multivariate testing to drive ongoing conversion rate optimisation.

Andy Hey – Operations Director said “Our significant in-house development team have been delivering increasingly robust and complex projects in our CMS of choice, Umbraco for 4 years now. With such a strong .net team it seemed a natural evolution to offer Sitecore as an additional platform solution for clients. It’s a robust system with so much out of the box functionality and we’re excited to already be working with some ambitious and forward thinking clients to test the boundaries of what is a fantastic piece of software.”

Mini SASCon- From Harmonising PR, Social and Search to the Top 5 Brands which ‘Get’ Social

From ASDA’s ‘spot the difference’ to ‘dot-to-dot’, with the next Panel discussion which involved Joining the Dots – PR, Social & Search in Perfect Harmony, with Andy Barr (Visionary for 10 Yetis), Robin Wilson (Director Digital and PR and Social Media at McCann Erickson), Rob Weatherhead from MediaCom), and the Chair was filled by Simon Wharton (from Push ON).

One opinion follows that there is increasingly more and more conflict between PR, Social and Search. However, these forms of marketing need to work together more to manage a brand more efficiently. They are all trying to do the same thing, ie. create good and engaging content and all achieve similar outcomes (to imprive search rankings, engage followers and build a brand’s reputation). Afterall, “you’re not who you say you are, but what Google says you are”, so you need the ability to build links as well as build the brand’s image, fusing the various practices together.

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Mini SASCon- Where Next for Metrics and Why Content and Context are the key to making meaningful social connections

The first Mini SASCon Panel discussion of the day, Where Next for Metrics , considering the progression of search engine metrics, took centre stage (or at least slightly to the side of it). The speakers introduced themselves as Tim Langley (CEO of Canddi), David Gerrard (Senior SEO Consultant for PushON), Ryan McKay (Head of SEO for MediaCom I-Lab) and the position of Chair (or referee in this more informal setting) was filled by Richard Gregory, who had welcomed us earlier to the MiniSASCon event.

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Mini SASCon and The State of the Digital Nation

Last Friday 17th January, several members of the Search team set off from Enjoy Digital for a presentation-packed day in Manchester at Mini SASCon, “organised by the digital community for the digital community”. It was a one-day event based on the main SASCon event, one of the UK’s finest Search, Analytics and Social Conferences, which takes place again this summer.

This year Mini SASCon showcased the latest thinking, innovations and technologies in digital marketing, regarding the current divergence and imminent convergence of Search, Social and PR. We were treated to several marketing authority’s sessions and panel discussions, aiming and succeeding to “educate, share best practice, inspire and enthuse”.

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Content Marketing- how to Search for the best rankings

In our previous post we described the use of creative content in order to improve social and search engine rankings, from a rather insightful live webinar we viewed by @BongersP from @Searchmetrics.

Since content marketing isn’t just the latest fad, and is set to stay, we’d like to explore this theme in further depth.

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Searchmetrics webinar review- content creation and its search and social performance


A few weeks ago some members of the Search team sat down together to enjoy an insightful webinar, hosted by Paul Bongers @Searchmetrics. The live video discussed the importance of creative content, and how to review its effectiveness in terms of SEO and social media. Here we discuss and summarise the main points, to share with our readers.

Plan ahead:

Firstly, to produce the best content you need to understand the market positioning of the business, and how the business is perceived by current and potential customers, to target the right audience. As Paul describes, ‘understanding your market is impossible without accurate data.’

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The SODA reveals digital trend predictions for 2014


Earlier this month SODA revealed the second of their bi-annual trend reports for 2013, which features articles written by some of the most influential minds in the digital marketing world.

The SODA Report has become one of the most popular digital trend publications in the world, with over 140,000 views per issue.

In this latest issue, SODA’s elite members, partners and industry leaders provide insights of the latest digital innovations, and the blurring boundaries of digital marketing, customer service and product design.

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