Reflecting product design in E-Commerce

As a designer, I am always on the look out for the best products in terms of design and quality, even if this means spending a little bit more money on items. When I’m out and about and I see a product I like but I’m not quite sure about it, I always check out the product manufacturers own website before making a purchase. In this way, I am able to get a feel for the company and the products they sell, as well as get an idea of what their ethos is and how they work.

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A short guide to using Pinterest for E-commerce

When it comes to social networks with the most potential to drive revenue for brands, Pinterest has been the top choice for socially savvy brands and e-commerce stores for some time.

Pinterest has grown rapidly since its launch in March 2010. The Guardian recently reported that Pinterest has doubled its number of users in the UK in the past year as Britons “pinned” 1.6bn items, with DIY and recipes among their favourite topics.

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Useful & Underutilised Ad Techniques For E-commerce

I love working with e-commerce clients, especially if they are new to PPC, largely because I enjoy planning out the structure which is such a key part in building the foundations of an account, but also because the advertising possibilities can be endless!

There are so many features worth testing and opportunities to increase profitability when it comes to e-commerce, that some are often either overlooked, or not used to their full potential.

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Online shopping: Top 3 user-friendly Ecommerce sites

I am not someone who regularly shops online. I am rather more traditional and still enjoy physically going to a shop and browsing goods before making any buying decisions. I do have exceptions though, notably books and music, as they are consumed through various devices like my iPhone or Kindle I pretty much have to buy them online – although I do still enjoy actually reading a book sometimes!

Otherwise, I try my hardest to avoid shopping online – although this is becoming more and more difficult to do. So when do I have to shop online? Well mostly when I don’t have time to go into town, the item I want is not in the UK or it is an ‘exclusive online’ offer.

Now as good as my project management skills are in work, I’m not always the most organised of people in my own life; so this in mind I was rather frustrated when I realised I hadn’t bought any swimwear for my holiday, which I leave for this week. I could have gone into town but nowadays going into a shop in August you only have jackets and jumpers to shop for because the summer sale has been and gone! Why!?

So I had no choice but to go online. As I was shopping around multiple sites I became more and more frustrated with some brands and secretly impressed with others; it got me thinking about which Ecommerce sites I would happily use – now if I’m impressed by the user experience it is definitely a winner.

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Google Adwords Countdown Adverts Test

Another Adwords Countdown advert success story!

Countdown adverts in Google Adwords allow for the dynamic insertion of text counting down to a specific time or event. The examples below shows what a countdown advert would look like counting down to the end of a sale.

Google Adwords Countdown Adverts


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Google AdWords Update – Upgraded URLs Rolled Out

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As of July 1st Google retired the destination URL field, and replaced it with two new fields; ‘Final landing page URL’ and ‘tracking template’, which contains all of your tracking information and any cross-domain redirects.

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Shopping Feed Update & A Few Quick Tips

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Last month Google announced an update to their shopping feed specifications and product category taxonomy, details of which can be found here. Due to this, we thought we’d take this opportunity to provide a few tips of our own to optimise your shopping feed.

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What CMS is right for your company?

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I’ve been asked ‘what is the best CMS?’ a lot by clients this week, the answer always comes down to what is the best CMS taking into account your company operations, business objectives, back-end system dependencies and budget.

To identify the best CMS, make a list of;

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In the press – May 2015

_DSC9184Enjoy Digital supports growth with new client services director

Leeds based digital marketing agency, Enjoy Digital has appointed Tom Rigden as client services director and expanded its team.

Mr Rigden joined Enjoy Digital in 2011 as account director, and has played a key role in the rapid growth of the business. The agency also appointed three new team members; Hannah Gibson, account manager, Ian Fiddler, studio and production manager and Mark Currass, business development manager.

Commenting on the expansion Jonathan Filewood, managing director of Enjoy Digital said: “We are continuing to invest in our client services team to ensure our customers enjoy industry leading levels of service. Our insight driven approach to digital marketing has fuelled our growth, and recruiting the best talent is fundamental to our continued success.

“We are recruiting both creative and client services talent to support our expansion, and have put in place a culture and remuneration package to attract the best.”

Enjoy Digital recently moved to a larger office on the Calls in Leeds to accommodate its team of 30, and future growth.

The agency’s works with a range of leading brands including; the University of Leeds, Bank of Ireland and Costcutter.

The FCA creates a ‘Minefield’ following Social Media Restrictions

Following a guidance consultation for the financial industry in August, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has published further recommendations, intended to clarify its approach to assist firms with their approved use of financial promotions in social media.

The regulator was asked for further clarification on what could be perceived as a financial promotion, and where would the responsibility lie with regards to re-tweets, forwarding and sharing.

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